Considerations when designing a MySQL backup and recovery system

Seasoned IT managers know that it’s best to prepare for worst-case scenarios and when it comes to data management, this usually means a plan for regular backups in the event of a catastrophe – or simply some lost emails that were mistakenly deleted by the CEO. That’s why it is important to plan ahead of […]

The World of Data Recovery

In our day and age, nothing is more valuable than information. Whether it be your own personal information, or corporate information, there is a need to store and protect all the data that we use in our home and business lives. Thankfully with the advent of computers and other advanced technology, storing all of your […]

How to Protect Your Data and Your Network

There’s no denying it: The most valuable thing on your computer or network is your data. Without it, there’s really not even a reason to have the thing in the first place. You go to lengths to create and store that data, and when you lose it, you go to even greater lengths to recover […]

Flash Memory Reader

Flash disk

Flash is a semiconductor memory that is widely used in consumer and professional electronic devices. We can find Flash memory in memory cards, USB pen drives, solid state disks and similar applications. Sometimes the data gets corrupted or deleted and in order to fix the problem we need to access the memory with PC where […]

Password Recovery and Password Cracking

Lock Password

We use encryption and passwords to protect digital data. This can be one file, user account or whole computer system. We rely on passwords and expect that nobody can access the data without knowing the password. Unfortunately, this assumption is wrong. There are many password recovery algorithms. Some depend on properties of particular encryption algorithm […]

Recuva – Windows Data Recovery Software


Recuva is a complete data recovery solution for Windows systems. It supports FAT and NTFS partitions and can undelete files from disks, removable media, digital cameras and iPods. It can also recover files from corrupted or formatted disks. Deleted emails are also no problem for Recuva. If you have accidentally deleted email in Outlook Express, […]

PhotoRec – More Than Image Recovery


PhotoRec is a free data recovery software that complements TestDisk. TestDisk can recover partitions and deleted files by checking and repairing partition tables and file system data, while PhotoRec ignores file system and scans the disk for known files. PhotoRec is ideal to recover images from any media. Compact Flash cards and other removable media […]

TestDisk – Universal Partition and File Data Recovery Software


TestDisk is a complete and universal disk recovery solution for all platforms and all file systems. In addition to this it is free open source project. Open source is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). TestDisk can fix and recover partition tables, recover or rebuild boot sectors, fix FAT tables, […]

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